India is a democratic country. Its government is run by the persons who are elected by the people. They become the representatives of the people, They have to seek elections for the Lok Sabha or for the State Assemblies.

After every five years there are elections. These elections are fought by the political parties. So there is much of propaganda by them. Before the election day there are voices from the loudspeakers, meetings of the parties, canvassing from house to house.

Thus, there is so much of excitement and discussion on the candidates and their parties. Last year in March, all this happened on the election day for the seat of a member of the Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha Election

The people in general are the voters. They support or criticise the candidates who seek votes.

They also discuss the policies and programmes of the political parties. The work of the political parties in the past is the determining factor for vote. The people feel a kind of excitement in their support or criticism.

Sometimes they quarrel among themselves. All this happened on 16th March, 2003, when the people voted for their candidates for the membership of the Lok Sabha after the death of a congress M.P.

Attracting Voters in Favour of the Leaders

The most active in this election are the workers of the political parties. They go from door to door. They raise slogans. They display playcards. They fetch voters in their vehicles to the polling stations.

They make their identity cards from their office seats. They support their candidates strongly.

Sometimes, they come to hot exchange, but they are advised to check themselves. It was what I saw on 16th March.

The Scene at the Polling Station

The voters go to the polling stations. They take with them identity cards. They stand in queue.

When their turn comes, they receive a ballot paper from the presiding officer. Then they mark their choice of vote on the ballot paper against their candidates.

Finally, they put the ballot paper into the ballot box meant for it. This is how people vote that day. It was the scene that supported democracy.

Conducting of Election by the Polling Party

Elections are conducted by the government machinery. The officials make polling stations. There are polling booths. A party of five persons come to the polling station one day earlier. They set everything. On the election day people come at the polling station. They receive ballot papers and vote and go back. At five the election is closed. Then the election party goes back with ballot boxes in a jeep or truck. This is how the election was conducted on 16th March.

Excitement on the Election Day

The election day is very exciting. The people come out on the roads. They discuss and gossip among themselves. They have fun and pleasure. They eat things, chew beetles and smoke in their excitement. That election day also ended with all this. I still remember its excitement and fun. It was a great day of rejoicing to me.


The political parties are using unfair means to win the election. They use money, wine, threatening and other unfair means, Booth capturing and false voting are done by them. Election Commission should see and investigate these unfair means and hold a meeting to prevent these actions.


representative= प्रतिनिधि | state assembly राज्य विधान सभा political parties = राजनीतिक दल । propaganda = प्रचार-प्रसार | canvassing= सम्पर्क करना । voters = मतदाता | support = समर्थन करना criticise आलोचना या विरोध करना । factor = तथ्य । determine= निश्चित करना attracting= आकर्षित करना । slogans नारेबाजी fetch= जाकर

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