NEWS – North East, West, South Means the description of happenings from all directions. Newspaper is the collection of recent happenings of the district, state, nation and other countries of the world.

In the morning the tea becomes tasteless if the newspaper is not found.

Thus the newspaper tells us about the present situation of the world early in the morning at our home. Today it is an essential thing for the whole family.


A part of Daily Life-Newspapers are a part of our daily life. In cities, morning cannot be enjoyed without a newspaper.

Clubs, coffee-houses and tea-stalls cannot go without discussions on the news of the day. Everyone feels thirsty for the news of the day.

A Vast Variety of Newspapers

There is a vast variety of newspapers.
Some are dailies like The Indian Express, The Hindustan Times and the National Herald.

Others are fortnightlies, weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies. Among them the dailies are very important because they offer to the public day-to-day news of various lands.

Various Purposes

The newspapers fulfil a variety of interests. Some read them for the sake of news and enlightenment.

Many people read them for a fun and amusement. A number of young men turn over their pages for advertisement and matrimonials.

Others read them to know the latest position of the business market.

Newspapers and Entertainment

The press is a very good source of entertainment. In newspapers, stories, poems, short plays and essays are published for the entertainment of readers.

The newspapers are very good companions of passengers during their journey.

Newspapers and Literature

Newspapers have greatly helped in the growth and development of literature.

The English prose of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries grew largely due to the rise of newspapers.

Newspapers and Democracy

Newspapers serve as a handmaid of democracy, Democracy depends on the freedom of thought and expression.

The newspapers reflect the present state of things with their own comments and suggestions. The newspapers open the corruption of leaders and officials. They also draw the attention of ministers towards the problems of the public.


Freedom of press is necessary for the success of true democracy. But press should not support the particular political party. The press should show the right thing to the public. The newspaper is the life blood of democracy.


recent = happenings घटनाएँ | tasteless= स्वादहीन present situation वर्तमान स्थिति | essential = आवश्यक ! discussions = वाद-विवाद, बहस | vast= विशाल variety= प्रकार, विभिन्न | purposes उद्देश्य | sake के लिए | entertainment मनोरंजन enlightenment ज्ञान | amusement = आनन्द । handmaid पत्नी thought विचार expression = अभिव्यक्ति | comments = टिप्पणियाँ ।


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