Essay on Women Empowerment

Essay on women empowerment: Women Empowerment is a topic widely discussed in the world recently. When we are talking about women’s empowerment in today’s time it shows that condition of women is not so good in society. It is not so good in this modern age also. The woman should be empowered in education, in … Read more

Write an Essay on Holi in English (500 words)

Essay on Holi – The festival of colors Introduction India is known as a country of fairs and festivals. People of different religions celebrate the festivals from time to time. So every month is filled with festivals. Holi is the “festival of colours,” For it is celebrated by throwing colours at each other. It is … Read more

Essay on republic day celebration in 200 words

Essay on republic day celebration in English Introduction Although we got freedom on 15th August 1947 yet we had no constitution of our own. We had to rule our country according to the rules made by the British. The constitution was made by an assembly that included Dr Rajendra Prasad, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr Radha … Read more

Essay on Cow 15 Lines

Essay on cow in English – Here we are sharing the essay on cow for class 1 and class 2. You can find more than 15 lines. Essay on Cow for Class 1 Essay on cow 15 lines Cow is a domestic animal that is considered useful to mankind. It has four legs and two … Read more

Essay on Diwali| The festival of lights

Introduction India has many fairs and festivals. Festivals are celebrated every year on a particular date and time. Not a single month is passed without celebrating the festival in India because India has many religions. So all the people celebrate their festival according to their religious beliefs. Deepawali is the greatest festival of the Hindus. … Read more


Introduction Sound mind belongs to sound body. Education means the development of body-mind and soul. For the development of sound body we have to do some physical exercises, Games give us chance for many physical exercises at a time. In school we play games. I play football, volleyball, crick kabbad, kho-kho and hockey in school. … Read more


Introduction Meaning of Discipline – The word ‘discipline’ means the training especially of the mind and character to produce self-control and habits of obedience. A disciplinarian trains himself in accordance with rules. He subjects himself to a certain mode of life. Discipline in Family Discipline is needed in all walks of life but it is … Read more


Introduction Francis Bacon was a famous essay writer. He told us about the reading in the following dialogue: “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man”. Although science has given us many things to gain knowledge yet the books are best means of getting knowledge of all kinds. Knowledge … Read more


Introduction The principal is the center wheel of the school. The success of the school depends upon its principal. The school runs according to his orders. So the principal is the main person who can improve the standard of education and other activities in school. If the principal is not good, his school will not … Read more