Class 10 English Modal Paper 2022

General Instruction The question paper is divided into four sections A, B, C, D, and all the questions are compulsory. Write the correct serial number of each questions as mentioned in question paper. Students must read the question paper correctly. Section – A Fill in the blanks with correct for of verb given in brackets. … Read more

Glimpses of India – A Baker from Goa | Class 10 Chapter-7 |Practice Excercise#1

A baker from Goa Q1. “Those eaters of loaves might have vanished but the makers are still there”. Who is ‘Those’ here- [A] Portuguese[B] French[C] Germans[D] Indians Q2. ‘These bakers are, even today, known as ________ in Goa’. [A] Baker[B] Pader[C] Bread maker[D] None of these Q3. ‘During our childhood in GOa, the baker used … Read more