A Wolf and a Small Lamb Story

Once there was a wolf. He was very wicked. One day he was very hungry and thirsty. He went to a stream to drink water. There he saw a fat lamb drinking water. The wolf was very pleased. He wanted to eat the lamb. He invented an excuse to kill the lamb. He said to … Read more

The Slave and The Lion Story

Once there was a slave. His master was very cruel. He made the slave work hard but did not feed him well. The slave was so tired of him that he ran away from his house. The master followed him. He hid in a cave. The master could not find him and go away. There … Read more

Two Friends and A Bear Story

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One day they were traveling together. They came to a forest. The forest was full of wild animals. One of the friends said, “There are many wild animals in this forest. We should not pass through it.” The other friend said, “Don’t be afraid of wild animals. … Read more

Haste is Waste Story

Once there was a hunter in a village. He had a pet mongoose. The mongoose was very faithful and brave. The hunter loved it very much. The hunter had a baby son. One day the hunter had to go out of his house. He left his baby son and the mongoose in the house. He … Read more