Words that look similar but different

Observe – is just watching (निरीक्षण) ध्यान से देखना।
Obsorb – is taking in (सोख लेना)

Observe good habits in others
Cotton obsorb liquid

There – For place (जगह के लिए)
Their – For people (लोगों के लिए)

I shall go there tomorrow
They are doing their work

Place – जगह
Palace – महल

I know this place (मैं इस जगह को जानता हूं)
Kings live in palace

Son – बेटा
Sun – सूरज

He is my son
Sun rises in the east

Abortion – गर्भपात
Operation – ऑपरेशन

Her abortion is very penic incident for her
He had an operation of appendix

Edge – किनारा
Age – आयु, उम्र

Cup is on the edge of the table
His age is about 40

Morning – सुबह
Mourning – शोकमग्न, दुखी

I wake up early in the morning
She was mourning on the death of her husband

Tale – कहानी
Tail – पूंछ

Don’t believe in his tale
इसकी कहानी पर विश्वास मत करो
Animals tail served as third hand
जानवरों की पूंछ उनके लिए देश से हाथ के समान कार्य करती है

Die – मरना
Dye – रंगना

Many people die of hunger
Does he dye his hair

Lag – पिछड़ जाना
Leg – टांग

He lag behind his life
A cow has four legs

Abode – घर (Home)
Abroad – विदेश (Foreign)

My country is my abode
He went abrod for job

Fare – किराया
Fair – मेला

The fare of train is very cheap
I went Kota for Dusshera of fair

On – ऊपर
Own – मेरा

The cup is on the table
I have my own house

See – देखना
Sea – समुंद्र, सागर

Let’s see
The Arabian sea is very vast

Well – कुआ
Well – ठीक

There are many wells in my village
I am well now

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