The principal is the center wheel of the school. The success of the school depends upon its principal. The school runs according to his orders. So the principal is the main person who can improve the standard of education and other activities in school. If the principal is not good, his school will not get success. Thus the principal is the driver of the school. I have a great desire to become the principal of my school.

Change in the Concept of the Principal

“Weary lies the head that wears the crown.” To be the Principal of a school is not a bed of roses. The Principal is the pivot on which the school revolves. As is the Principal so is the school. There was as time when the Principal was considered like an S.P. or a police officer. This concept has changed nowadays. He is now to guide, to help and to inspire the students and the teachers.

Improvement in Building and Equipment

If I were the principal of my school, I would try to improve the school building. I would ask for donations from the public and repair the classrooms. I would equip them with fans and lights. I would buy new furniture for the students and teachers. I would build new classrooms. I would build the boundary wall of the school.

Improvement in Library and High Standard of Teaching and Learning

Library is called the mind of the school. It is a vast store of knowledge. I would like to equip the library with reference books. I would sanction more budget to buy new books. I would get the fans and lights repaired. I would include library periods in school time table.

I would ask the librarian to be regular in his work. I would manage the newspapers, magazines, and other books. Thus I would improve the high standard of teaching and learning. I would check the teachers. I would ask them to be punctual and regular in their teaching job. Thus I would improve my school.

Improvement in Discipline

If I were the principal of my school, I would pay great attention to the discipline of the students and teachers. I would not allow anybody to wander in the school compound. I would give punishment to those students who misbehave with the junior students and teachers. I would ask the teachers to call parents’ meeting. I would ask the parents to keep a watch on their sons and daughters. I would like that all the teachers and students should be punctual.

Improvement in Games Sports and Other Activities

I would like to improve the games, sports, and other social and cultural activities. Games would be made compulsory for all the students. There would be a regular arrangement of literary and cultural activities. Every student would take part in debating, music, drama, and other cultural activities. I would sanction more budget to buy sticks, football, and volleyball. I would ask the school P.T.I. to train the students for tournaments.

Improvement in Office Work

If I were the principal, I would ask the office staff to be courteous and polite to the teachers and students. I would ask them to do: work properly and on time. I would ask the peons to keep school neat and clean. I would ask the gardener to give a new look to the garden. I would see the arrangement regularly. Thus I would like to make my school ideal.


If God fulfills my wish, I will see that the school is free from problems and everybody leaves the school with a sweet smile on his face when the last bell goes. I am trying my best to reach the post of the principal.


orders = आदेश | standard= स्तर improve सुधार करना education शिक्षा | desire) = इच्छा । wear= पहनना | crown = मुकुट | bed of roses फूलों की सेज (आसान) | pivot = केन्द्र बिन्दु | concept = धारणा inspire= प्रेरणा देना | equipment उपकरण, साधन ask for= माँगना | donation दान public जनता | repair= मरम्मत करना । boundary wall= चहारदीवारो । vast store विशाल संग्रह 1 include शामिल करना । magazines = पत्रिकाएँ । manage= प्रबन्ध करना punishment = सजा misbehave दुव्र्व्यवहार । junior = कनिष्ठ । senior = वरिष्ठ | compulsory अनिवार्य | debating = वाद-विवाद | courteous = शिष्ट | gardener= माली | tournament प्रतिस्पर्धा

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