The fear of examination is worse than that of a lion. As the examinations come nearer, the examinees look worried. They seem busy with their books and guides all the time. The fear is so great that they begin to eat and sleep less than usual.

Race for Guides Guess

Papers and Pass-Books – As students do not study for the whole year, they run for guides and guess-papers. They try to get important questions from their teachers. They buy from the market important questions contained in envelopes.

Efforts for Cramming

Students are seen cramming questions and answers. Boys are usually seen in the lawns and under the trees turning over the pages of their books. Girls are seen moving about on the housetops in the mornings and the evenings and reading aloud their notes. When they forget what they cram, they get nervous.

Resort to Unfair Means

Those who fail to cram important questions and answers, prepare small chits. They write questions and answers on the little chits in such a way that they alone can read them. They plan how and where to keep them so that they are not noticed using them in the examination hall.

Visits to Temples

Since they are uncertain about their success and have no self-confidence they seek the help of their favourite gods and goddesses. They pay visits to temples twice a day and seek blessings from the deities. They mutter prayers and touch the books with their foreheads before opening them.


Students are never seen so nervous as during the examination days. The present system of examination is a source of fear for them. It is a heavy and taxing burden on their minds. They are down with fever of examination before a week of its commencement.

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