Essay on Diwali| The festival of lights


India has many fairs and festivals. Festivals are celebrated every year on a particular date and time.

Not a single month is passed without celebrating the festival in India because India has many religions. So all the people celebrate their festival according to their religious beliefs.

Deepawali is the greatest festival of the Hindus. It comes with other festivals like Dashahara, Bhaiyadooj, and Annakute, etc.

Day & Time

Deepawali is celebrated on the Amavasya of Hindi month Kartik.

It generally falls in the month of October or November the whole day is spent in merry-making and at night people worship the Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi.

The Origin and Importance

According to Ramayan, it is said that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after completing his 14 years of exile. It was the day of Amavasya so darkness was everywhere.

The people of Ayodhya lighted earthen lamps to remove darkness to welcome their King.

Thus the festival is observed in the memory of Lord Rama. When the rainy season is over, the houses are repaired and whitewashed. Whitewashing drives away mosquitoes.


The preparations of the festival begin fifteen days before. The whole house is repaired and whitewashed. The new dresses are bought for all family members.

Some new utensils and jewellery are bought. Sweet dishes are prepared. The women buy earthen lamps. The whole house is seen in merry-making.


Schools are closed for 5 days at this festival. The children are very happy to have holidays. Sweet dishes are distributed to relatives and neighbours.

The whole house is decorated. Markets are also decorated by the shopkeepers. They decorate their shops too.

In the evening people light earthen lamps and decorate the whole house. Fireworks and bursting crackers are a part of celebrations. The sky is lit up with colored fireworks and crackers.

Deepawali is regarded as a festival of traders. They begin their new year from this day.

They start their new account book. In the night people worship the goddess of wealth Lakshmi. The whole family members are present on that occasion.

Some people believe that gambling is a part of this festival and they gamble the whole night and lose their money. Sometimes careless handling of fireworks causes problems of burning.


The festival of light brings happiness and joy to all. People send Deepawali cards to their friends and relatives. Festivals are our old customs and we should continue to celebrate such festivals. Some bad practices must be stopped by the Govt.

Fireworks must be used in limitation. It pollutes the atmosphere causing chest diseases. After Deepawali Bhaiya Dooj comes.

Thus Deepawali brings a serial of other festivals.

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