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Essay on Holi – The festival of colors


India is known as a country of fairs and festivals. People of different religions celebrate the festivals from time to time. So every month is filled with festivals. Holi is the “festival of colours,” For it is celebrated by throwing colours at each other. It is also an important festival of Hindus. The foreigners come to visit the Holi Festival of Brij Bhumi, Mathura. gaon, Barsana, Gokul, Dauji, Baldev and Vrindavan are famous for the Holi festival especially “Lattha Mar Holi.”

Mythological story of the Holi festival

Bhakta Prahlad was the son of the proud king, Hiranya Kashyap. He regarded himself as God and he ordered everyone in his kingdom to worship him. Bhaktu Prahalad disobeyed his father and continued his worship of Lord Vishnu. His father became very angry. He decided to punish him. He ordered his son to sit with his sister Holika in the burning fire. But Holika was burnt and Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu. This victory of good over evil is celebrated every year.

How do we celebrate Holi

Holi is celebrated on the full moon (Poornima) of the month “Phagun”. At this time nature is also in full bloom. People, as well as nature, are full of colour and gaity at this festival. On the night of Holi, a huge pile of wood is prepared. Heaps of wood, dung, thorns and other things are collected. First of all the ladies worship the “Holi” and then at the particular time it is burnt. All the evils are burnt to ashes. In the daytime, sweets are distributed to neighbours and relatives. Near the Brijareas “Goonjha” is made. It is sweet in taste.

The next day the “Dhulendi” is celebrated. People make coloured water and throw on each other coloured powder is rubbed on the faces. Everyone looks funny and coloured on this day. People use “Bhang Sharbat” on this day as intoxicating liquor, Some people throw muddy water, oil, varnish paint etc. All these are rubbish. This is a very bad practice.

Social aspects of the Holi festival

On this occasion, the old enemies are forgotten. People of other religions also join in this festival. People go to their friends and relatives and embrace each other giving congratulations and blessings. It is an occasion of social unity and togetherness.

Evils of the Holi festival

Holi is made ugly by some youngsters. They tease the people by using greasy colours, paint, mud and cold water forcibly. It is very unpleasant to see such scenes. The colour throwing people do not want to listen to anything and throw colour forcibly to the passer-by who may be going to the hospital or in the death ceremony. So this must be stopped.


Holi is welcomed by all. It is a festival filled with joy and cheer. Unpleasant activity or throwing colours on everyone without his wish must be prevented. Now the Govt is trying its best to control the situation of law and order on such festivals.

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FAQ of essay on Holi

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Holi is a Hindu festival that has been celebrated since old times. The Holi Celebration is celebrated as a way to welcome in spring, additionally is seen as an unused starting where individuals can discharge all their restraints and begin freshly.

What is the origin of Holi?

The root of Holi is accepted to be some time recently the birth of Christ. The legend goes that Ruler Vishnu had killed the more youthful brother of the devil master, Hiranyakashipu. Separated from avenging his brother’s passing, the evil spirit lord had the hidden thought process of administering paradise, the soil, and the underworld by underworld Vishnu.

What is the moral of Holi?

The ethics of the story is that great continuously wins over fiendish, and those who look to torment the loyal will be annihilated. To celebrate the story, huge campfires are burned amid Holi. In numerous parts of India, a sham of Holika is burned on the fire

What is the meaning of Happy Holi?

Holi celebrates the beginning of spring, the conclusion of winter, the blooming of adore and for numerous, it may be a happy day to meet others, play and laugh, forgive, and repair broken connections. The celebration moreover celebrates the starting of a great spring harvest season.

Why Colours are used in Holi?

Years ago, when people began playing Holi, the colours utilized by them were made from plants like Neem, Bilva, Haldi, etc. The lively pouring and tossing of colour powders made from these normal sources feature a mending impact on the human body.

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Difficult Word Meanings- regarded = सम्मानित | worship पूरा करना | disobeyed अवज्ञा की punish= सजा देना | victory = | विजय | evil = बुराई | bloom यौवन | nature= प्रकृति | gaity= प्रसन्न pile ढेर | heap= र dung कण्डे | thorns काँटे | ashes राख rubbed मलना / रगड़ना | rubbish = खराव | aspect = रूप enemities दुश्मनी unity= एकता | youngsters= छोटे बच्चे mud कीचड़ | unpleasant दुखद death ceremony = अन्तिम संस्कार ।

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