Essay on Women Empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment
Essay on Women Empowerment

Essay on women empowerment: Women Empowerment is a topic widely discussed in the world recently. When we are talking about women’s empowerment in today’s time it shows that condition of women is not so good in society. It is not so good in this modern age also.

The woman should be empowered in education, in decision making, and choose the way of life what she wants for herself.

She should be aware of her rights. Her position in society should be respectable.

In Indian society, woman’s conditions are not equal to man. Thus opinions are not respected as a man.

They have to struggle to prove themselves at every point in life. Past has many examples of women who struggle a lot to prove their talent, their ability, their qualities.

In India, women are always dependent on their father, brother than after marriage on husband and son. She never takes her own decision. This dependence many times becomes her weakness. She was tortured and by ill her family members or by the husband or by society.

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She cannot take the decision to leave her husband or take divorce easily even the husband is bad and society make unnecessary pressure on her.

Widow conditions are also very miserable in society. Balvivah, Parda pratha, Sati pratha are some evil traditions of old Indian society which make woman’s condition worst here.

In the past Indian women did not have the right to education. They did not express their views openly. They did not free to choose their life partner.

Gradually changes came an Indian woman’s condition also changed. Today women are free to express their views. They have the right to education. Sati pratha was abolished. They have the right to earn. THey have the right to vote. They are equal to men in many fields. But in spite of this, there are many aspects where she is weakened and needs powers.

Child marriage veil tradition has also dwelled in society. Even today woman is tortured by her family and husband. Even today their opinion and decision are not accepted by society. Even today their first responsibility is their children and home and family. They have to sacrifice their dreams for the family.

Home violence is very common even with educated and service-class women.

Even today in the village women are treated like animals. SO this topic of “Woman Empowerment” is in present age also discuss so warmly.

Not only in India but also in different other countries of the world woman are oppressed by men and society they have to be aware of their powers and take a stand against such kind of oppression.

A woman should make herself educated, aware of her rights.

There are many associations does work for woman empowerment but these associations are only successful when the woman herself wants to change her condition and make herself powerful.

Woman empowerment is only possible when a woman thinks of herself as a powerful and essential part of their society and world. She should be raised her voice against wrongs done to her.

A powerful woman can make this world more powerful and beautiful. Parents need to bring up their daughter with a powerful mindset as they do with their son.

Society should need to respect their women so they flourish and become developed.

How can we empower women?

WE can empower women by giving them rights by giving them equal status in society. By changing our mindset against men and women. By abolishing gender discrimination.

Our low can empower women awareness about lawes for women also help in the establishment of women empowerment.

Education is also a tool to empower women, where men and women both are educated and have good upbringing there are fewer chances of women’s oppression.

Lastly, women empowerment started with women so women should be aware of their empowerment.

Why do we need women empowerment?
Or Why is women empowerment is so important?

Women are half of this world. They are an essential part of society.

They are mothers. Without them, the world will not exist. They give values and morals to their children. They brought up children. Mother is the first teacher of a child and if women herself oppressed not have power what will society have for a powerful and valuable world and society women empowerment is important.

What is a women empowerment?

Women empowerment refers to making women powerful, powerful in decision making, powerful to protest against wrong, powerful to live her life in her way, powerful in making choices.

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