Meaning of Discipline – The word ‘discipline’ means the training especially of the mind and character to produce self-control and habits of obedience. A disciplinarian trains himself in accordance with rules. He subjects himself to a certain mode of life.

Discipline in Family

Discipline is needed in all walks of life but it is urgently needed in the family. For the success of family life, parents are required to keep themselves under self-discipline. If they maintain discipline in their life, their children will be also under control. If a family is disciplined, it will lead to its progress, prosperity, and happiness.

Discipline in school

Discipline is a very important factor in the present system of education. It is needed in schools, colleges, and universities. When boys and girls come from different families, cultures, and religions, they are required to be more disciplined. If they are not self-controlled and tolerant, they will create a number of problems and can never be trained in education.

Discipline in Society

Order and safety which are the first and foremost factors for the growth and development of civilization are not possible without discipline. In a civilized society, people have the freedom of thought and expression but they have to keep themselves within limits and maintain discipline. Civilization, culture, science and industry cannot progress without discipline.

Discipline in Military

We all know about military discipline. Discipline in army is very strict. If soldiers are not disciplined they cannot fight their enemies and save their life.


Thus, discipline is needed in national life. No nation can live a life of peace and order if it is not disciplined.


prosperity सम्पन्नता | tolerant = सहिष्णु | strict कटोर

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