Everyone wants to be happy in his life. Each one has thought how to lead his life comfortably and happily. I have an idea of my happy life. I want to be a cheerful person who has no tension in his life.

Theories about Happiness

Every living being is in search of permanent happiness. Some say that happiness lies in the satisfaction of human wants. Some say that it lies in the attainment of enligtenment. Some others say that it lies in escape from life.

However, none of these theories has truth about happiness in life.

Happiness in Self-contentment

It is agreed by all that happiness does not lie in the material pursuits. It rather comes from self-contentment. It comes from within, not without.

Happy is one who is contented with one’s own lot. Many rich people have been seen unhappy.

There are many ordinary people who are quite happy. In fact, happiness depends on one’s own thinking.

Small Family and Peaceful Home Life

The smaller the family, the greater is happiness. A large family is a source of misery and worry. A small family is a source of happiness. Happiness depends much on the peaceful atmosphere of a family.

There are quarrels and bitterness in a large family. In a small family, children are satisfied, obedient and dutiful.

Regular Source of Income

A family cannot be run without money. Hence, a regular source of income is an essential factor of peaceful home life. It is not the amount but the security of income that gives satisfaction to man.

Job of One’s Choice

Happy is the man who has found work of his own choice. If the job is forced on a person, he may not like it. If he gets a job of his own interest, it is a bliss for him.

Intellectual Freedom

Happiness arises from freedom of mind and There is no happiness in slavery. Happy is one who does not serve another man’s will.


There are other factors of happiness also. The real job of life springs from one’s readiness to serve and sacrifice.

When we serve others, we do a noble deed, and it raises our hearts. One can be happy only when one is determined no to be unhappy


self-contentment = आत्म-सन्तोष contented= सन्तुष्ट | misery = कष्ट | worry = चिन्ता | bitterness =कटुता | springs पैदा होती है | sacrifice = त्याग

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