Essay – My Favourite Teacher

I am Sunanya. I read in class 4th. There are 10 teachers in our school.

All teachers teaches us very well but Mr. Rakesh Sharma is my favourite teacher.

He teaches us English. His command on his subject is excellent.

He is dedicated to his work. His way of teaching is very impressive.

He gives lots of examples to make us the topic understand. He listen to every student’s problem and solve it passionately.

He is so passionate about his work. he is a kind hearted person. He is personality is very attractive.

He likes discipline. he is a person of simple living and high thinking. His character is an idol for us I like him very much


Dedicated – समर्पित
Passionate – उत्साही
Discipline – अनुशासन
Personality – व्यक्तित्व
Attractive – आकर्षित

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