His first flight| Class 10 Chapter-3 |Practice Exercise#1

Exercise for Class 10 Chapter-3. His first flight Practice

Two stories about flying | His first flight

Q1 .Why did the young seagull not learn to fly with his brother and sister?

[A] Because his wings were short
[B] Because he afraid to fly
[C] Because he was lazy
[D] None of the above

Option: B

Q2. That was _____________ ago. Since then nobody had come near him.

[A] Twenty-four hours
[B] Twelve hour
[C] Seven hour
[D] Twenty hour

Option: A

Q3. Why his family taunting him from the big failure –

[A] for his shyness
[B] for his laziness
[C] for his lowardice
[D] None of the above

Option: C

Q4. He had not catre since –

[A] Yesterday
[B] The previous nightfall
[C] Morning
[D] None of above

Option: B

Q5. What did the young seagull pretend to be

[A] Falling asleep
[B] Laughing
[C]Falling dead
[D] None of the above

Option: A

Q6. The sight of the food________________

[A] Threatened him
[B] Challenging him
[C] Maddened him
[D] Both A & B

Option: C

Q7. Who calling him Shrilly –

[A] His mother
[B] His brother and sister
[C] His father
[D] All of them

Option: D

Q8. But he was tired and weak with hunger and he could not rest, exhausted by the strange exercise. What strange exercise –

[A] Of learning flying and swiming
[B] Of eating
[C] Both A and B
[D] None of those

Option: A

Q9. What was his familyoffering him –

[A] Scops of herrings
[B] Scope of dog fir
[C] Nothing
[D] Both A and B

Option: B

Q10. Who made his first flight

[A] A young pigion
[B] A young crow
[C] A young seagull
[D] None of the above

Option: C

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