“Early to bed. and early to rise, Makes a man, Healthy, wealthy and wise.”

This famous rhyme tells us the importance of early rising and morning walk. It is true that a morning walk is a best and costless exercise. It is useful for everyone. After enjoyable sleep, at night we get up early in the morning. If we take a morning walk in the lap of nature, we will get the energy for the whole day’s work. It is helpful in making us physically fit.

Need of Morning Walk

If we want to keep away the doctor from our home, we should take a morning walk. The morning walker never gets ill. In the lap of nature, we can get activeness. If we do not go for a morning walk, our whole day is spent in laziness. So a morning walk is necessary for us.

Advantages of Morning Walk

Morning walk has many advantages. During the morning walk, we go in the lap of nature. We get fresh air, The cool breeze and peaceful atmosphere give us mental pleasure. During our morning walk, we can take some morning exercises like running, yoga, and other physical exercises. All these exercises give us energy and activeness. Our mental tension is removed and we feel active and capable of doing our whole day’s work. We can see the green fields, trees, lake, and birds during the morning walk. We can hear the chirping of birds.

My Programme of Morning Walk

I get up at 5 a.m. every day. After brushing I get ready for a morning walk. My father also goes for the morning walk with me. We go outside the city sometimes running and sometimes walking. We reach near a lake. The atmosphere is cool and calm. We do some yoga and physical exercises near the green lawn of the lake. We watch the movements of water birds. Many people come there for the morning walk. On Sundays, we swim in the lake. Greenfields are there all around the lake. In winter some migratory birds can be seen in the lake. After half an hour’s stay we return home. Thus I go and enjoy the morning walk.


Morning exercises and walking give us a lot of energy for our daily routine work. This habit makes us punctual. Morning walkers can do every work in time. He can never be ill because of his habit of morning walk. Morning walker may get some good friends who can give fruitful advice to him. Thus the morning walk is the best exercise to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Costless – बिना कीमत की
Enjoyable – आनन्दयोग्य
lap of nature – प्रकृति की गोद में
energy – ऊर्जा
Fit – स्वस्थ
walker – घूमने वाला
activeness – चुस्ती
laziness – आलस्य
advantages – लाभ
breeze – ठण्डी हवा
atmosphere – वातावरण
tension – तनाव
capable – समर्थ
lake – झील
chirping – चहचहाट
movements – हलचल
Migratory – प्रवासी
Fruitful – अच्छा लाभदायक

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