“An Indian farmer is born in debt, lives in debt and dies in debt.”

India is a land of villages. Eighty percent of its population lives in villages. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture or farming.

They are called farmers. The lndian farmers live in huts which are made of mud and straw. An Indian farmer lives in these huts with his family and cattle.

His Daily Routine

He gets up early in the morning and goes to his field with his bullocks and a plough on his shoulders.

He works hard the whole day. He ploughs the fields, sows the seeds and irrigates the crop.

His wife brings food for him on his fields. He takes onion, milk, curd and thick chapatis of maize, burley and millet.

When the crops grow he watches the fields at night to save his hard earned crop from birds and other cattle. In the evening he returns home and goes for a while at chopal to gossip with his friends and smoke biri, chifam or hukkah.

His Poor Condition

It is an irony of fate that the bread-giver is hungry. He who gives us milk and butter does not take even a drop of it and he who grows cotton is half-naked.

He works hard day and night in the scorching sun, in strong rains and shivering colds. But in his lot there is poverty, hunger and debt.

Reasons of His Poverty

The reason is his illiteracy and superstitions. He does not know how to read and write so everybody exploits him. He is unable to express his sufferings, sorrows and exploitations.

Govt Efforts For His Improvement

The Govt is doing a lot to improve the condition of Indian farmers. Loans are provided by Banks, seeds and manure is given by Block Development Offices.

Literacy is developed through Saksharta campaigns.

Let us hope that new light will reach these down-troddens and the day will soon come when an Indian farmer will also have all the joys and pleasures of life.

How blest beyond all blessings are farmers.
If they but knew their happiness; Far from the clash of arms.

“The most just earth brings forth from the soil an easy living for them.”-Virgil


All the countryinen depend on the farmer. His condition must be improved. The leaders, the officers and other govt. servants should help them as much as they can. He is our bread earner so we must help him.


Agriculture – कृषि

straw – घास


Occupation – व्यवसाय
Plough – हल चलाना

Sow – बोना
Irrigates – सिंचाई करना
Onion – प्याज

Crop – फसल

Millel – ज्वार

Maize – मक्का

Barley – जौ

Gossip – गपशप करना

Efforts प्रयास

Improvement – सुधार

Illiteracy – अशिक्षा
Superstitions – अंधविश्वास

Exploits – शोषण करना

Manure – खाद

campaign – अभियान

down-trodden – पिछड़े हुए

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