Essay – Life in a big city | advantages and disadvantages


A large number of people living at a certain place is called city. Many people think that city life is better than village life. But it is not true.

City life has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Village life has also the same. In some areas the village life is good but in some areas city life is also fine.

Advantages of City Life

1. Conveniences and Comforts

Life in a big city has charms of its own. There are certain conveniences and comforts in the city which the village lacks. The city has good and well-lighted roads. It has cheap public conveyances and good houses. It has shops, markets and hospitals.

2. Facilities of Recreation

There are a number of facilities of recreation in the city. There are theatres, cinemas, concerts and clubs. These facilities are available at a small expense.

3. Facilities of Education

People in the city can get the best education. There are first rate schools, colleges and university. There are libraries, museums, art galleries, public lectures and literary societies. People in the city are mentally alert and witty.

4. Broad-mindedness

People in the city are liberal and broad-minded. They know the value of discipline and co-operation. They take interest in social and cultural activities. They are always ready to help the needy.

Disadvantages of City Life

1. Life is Busy and Competitive

Life in a big city is very busy and competitive. People here do not have time even to stand and stare.

They are busy round the clock. Factories, mills and the railways function day and night. Even the cinema houses remain open till the midnight.

2. Life is Artificial

Life in a big city is artificial. A city-dweller loses his touch with nature: He is far away from the beauty of fields, woods and mountains.

3. Pollution or Foul Atmosphere

Life in the city is not only rapid and artificial but it is also foul. The smoky and dirty atmosphere undermines the health.

There are bad characters in the city. There are temptations of vice and folly. Simple young men coming to the town from the country are often ruined by bad habits.


A time will come when cities would be designed in such a way that they would have the advantages of both town and country life.


conveniences – farm, facilities – सुविधाएं, small expenses कम खर्च पर, museums – अजायबघर, alert – चुस्त, witty= बुद्धिमान, liberal – उदार, stare – देखना, artificial – बनावटी, foul – गन्दा, undermines – बर्बाद करना, vice – अवगुण, folly – दोष

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