A zoo is a place where wild and pet animals are kept for visitors and tourists. In this modern fast life, no one has time to go to the forests and watch the wild animals, birds, and other creatures. Zoo gives us an opportunity to see this strange world of creatures in their artificial and sometimes natural places In zoo the animals, birds, reptiles, and other creatures are given natural and artificial protection places and food. I visited a zoo named ‘Kankeriya last year.

Opportunity, Place, and Time

Last year in summer I was invited by my cousin to Ahmedabad to spend some days with his family. So, I got a chance to visit this metropolitan city of Gujrat. After visiting all the historical places there I decided to visit a famous zoo in Kankeriya. I with my cousin took bus no. 433 and reached Kankeriya.


At the zoo gate, we placed ourselves in a queue. We bought tickets and entered into the wonderful world of creatures. After entering, we engaged a guide for our help in knowing about birds, creatures, reptiles and other animals.

My Visit to a Zoo

(i) Birds’ Section

In big iron net we saw many coloured birds there. Some of them were native and some were foreign birds. There were artificial facilities for them. There were ibis, pelican, spoonbill, woodcutter, pilac, white parrot, white peacock and other birds. The guide explained about their habitat and food. I noted it in my diary.

(ii) Water Creatures Section

In one of the artificial ponds we saw aligators, crocodiles and other terrible meat-eating water creatures. Some of them were outside the pond with open mouth. My guide told me that a bird comes into their mouths and cleans their teeth.

(iii) Water Birds’ Section

We were taken by our guide to visit water birds’ section. In an artificial pond the swams, the ducks, the water cocks and other long beaked birds were swimming. Really they were beautiful. My guide told me about their feeding and habits. (iv) Fast Moving Animals’ Section After visiting water birds’ section we were led to visit fast moving animals’ section. There was an artificial wood where we saw deer, wild foxes, blue cows and cheetal. Some of them were grazing there. The guide told us the difference of deer, cheetal and barahasingha.

(v) Reptiles’ Section

At one corner of the zoo there is a seperate building for the reptiles. We saw many coloured snakes in glass boxes. I saw green snake, cobra, blind snake, python and other water and ground snakes. My guide told me that python is not poisonous but it can swallow an alive person.

(vi) Jumping Animals’ Section

After visiting snakes we went to visit the jumping animals’ section. There were white, red and black mouthed monkey in the iron cages. I saw there Nilgiri langoor which can found a famous Ayurvedic medicine like “Shilajeet.” They were jumping here and there. Some visitors were giving them groundnuts.

(vii) Wild Animals’ Section

At last our guide led us to visit wild animals section. A foul smell welcomed us. We have to put our hands on our noses. In big iron cages there were lions, tigers, cheetah, leopard and other wild cats like puma. Some pieces of meat were scattered there. They were wandering and roaring. They were showing their terrible teeth. Although they were given some artificial and natural facilities yet they were feeling like slaves. Our guide told us about their native places and food. I was amazed to see the world of wild cats.


At last we came out of the zoo gate. We returned home after we had enjoyed boating in Kankeriya tank.


Almighty God has made the amazing world of different creatures. By visiting zoo one can learn about the creatures and their habits. Today many species are facing gradual extinction. For saving tigers, lions and other creatures which are in endangered list should be given protection by the Govt. as well as people.


metropolitan • महानगर queue= कतार | reptiles सरीसृप । ducks बतखें | grazing= चर रहे | swallow = निगलना । foul = दुर्गन्ध । facilities = सुविधाएँ । native place= मूल स्थान | slaves = गुलाम । amazed = अचम्भित हुए । boating = नौकायन / extinction = विलुप्त | endangered = खतरे में।

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