1. “Wise men preach discipline, great men practice it, while fools defy it.”

2. “The destiny of a nation is folded within its youth. What young men think today, the nation will think tomorrow.”

(1) Introduction

The students are the backbone and fate of the nation. Nowadays students are the most indisciplined class of society. They try to disobey their elders. They take part in strikes, violence, and acts of indiscipline.

(2) Importance of Discipline

Discipline is very essential in every walk of life. No society can stand long without discipline. For the last few years, this problem has been going from bad to worse. Discipline means a willing check and control. It is a sign of national strength. A nation’s safety and happiness depend on discipline.

(3) Indiscipline among Students

In free India, there is widespread unrest and indiscipline among the students. They destroy national property, disobey their teachers, and they use destructive means. Hence, the problem of discipline in India has become very serious and critical.

(4) Cause of Unrest

There are many causes of unrest among the students.

(i) Lack of Employment

Our present system of education is defective. There is no personal contact between the teachers and taught. There is no practical value of the subjects. They do not help our young men to earn their living honestly. It can train the minds but not the hands.

(ii) Defective System of Examination

The defective system of examinations is also a great cause of indiscipline among the students. A student remains idle throughout

(iii) Lack of Moral Education

Lack of moral education is also responsible for the year. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. discipline among the students. The students do not get moral training. It is necessary to develop good habits in boys and girls in the early years of their life.

(5) Its Remedy

(i) Role of Teachers

A teacher can play a very important part in molding the character of his students. He is their guide and leader. The students follow him. Therefore, a teacher should be learned and virtuous. He must be a man of character and principles. It is possible, only when teachers are well paid and free from financial difficulties.

(ii) Role of Political Parties

Politicians are also responsible for unrest among the students. The students are highly emotional. The politicians misguide them. They instigate them to go on strike. It is, therefore, necessary that educational institutions should be free from politics.

(6) Conclusion

The parents, teachers, political and social leaders should put good examples of discipline before the students. The students who are pillars of the nation must pay due to attention to produce better citizens.

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