A museum is a place where rare things and objects are kept for display. These things are kept and preserved in a proper and scientific manner. These valuable things are kept in glass boxes so that the visitors can see them without touching or spoiling them. Last year I got a chance to visit the museum Jaipur. Many things of ancient days and of historical importance have been collected there.

Time, Occasion, and Place

We, the students of our class, went to visit the Albert Hall Museum which is situated in Ram Niwas Garden. We bought tickets and entered the huge and grand building. We had engaged a guide with us.

My Visit to the Museum

A lot of foreign and Indian tourists came to visit this museum. They had a camera with them. It was my first chance to visit this museum.
So I took a notebook with me to note down about the museum. Luckily our history teacher met there.

Visiting the Section of Arts and Crafts

At first, the guide led us to visit the section on arts and crafts. There were collections of old art like painting, pottery, and embroidery. Some old posts were found at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. They were very exciting. There were some old statues of Natraj and other persons. We also saw the old coins.

Visiting the Section of Arms & Dresses

Next, we visited the armor section. There were a lot of swords, lances, pistols, guns, and daggers. There were swords of double edge. They were very big and heavy. The lances and shields were set upon the walls. There were swords of Rana Pratap and guns of Akbar. There were bows, arrows, spears, clubs, and helmets. We saw the heavy Dhal and Bakhtar for the protection of warriors. I remembered the war between Panipat and Haldighati.

We also visited the old, valuable, and fine dresses of Maharajas and their queens of Jaipur. There were Dhotis, Jama, and Bundi in male dresses. There was Ghaghara. Odhani and blouse of different colours and clothes in female dresses. We also saw the turbans and Pugrees of Rajasthani and Mughal style.

Visiting the Section of Pottery

Our guide then led us to visit the pottery section. There were fine old cups, plates, glasses of china clay. There were big pots made of copper and other metals. We saw the silver utensils of the Maharaja of Jaipur. There was a fine and big dining table. I thought about the comforts of the kings.

Visiting the Section of Photos and Paintings

At last, we visited the Photos and painting section. In a big hall, there were pictures of Maharajas of Jaipur state. All were hanging on the walls. There were a lot of paintings of gods & goddesses. Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, and Laxmi’s paintings were very fine. There were paintings of court scenes. There were beautiful paintings on cloth about various animals and birds and hunting scenes. We remained in the museum for two hours and learned many things about our past heritage.


Visiting is the best kind of learning. By visiting museums, we can learn many things about our history. Visiting gives us knowledge about our past heritage, It is the best kind of pastimes. If we go to the big cities, we should visit the museums there.


spoiling – खराब करना collected संग्रहित grand- विशाल engaged नियुक्त किया | tourists पर्यटक museum संग्रहालय | led= ले गया। pottery= मिट्टी के बर्तन / statues मूर्तियों armour हथियार edge = धार | lances बरछा, बल्लम shield ढाल | bows-धनुष club = गदा | halmets = सिर के टोप protection सुरक्षा | warriors यौद्धा | clay मिट्टी । remained रहे | heritage विरासत

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