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An exhibition is a show of many new things, old things, toys, and pictures. In the modern age, exhibitions are replacing fairs. Exhibitions are now held in big cities. These exhibitions show us the development of our country and give us chance to buy many cheap things.

Time, Date, and Place

Last year on October 15, we saw the exhibition held this exhibition. We went to visit this exhibition in the evening at Gwalior. At Numaish Ground the exhibition was organised. The Govt. of M.P. held.

Description of the Exhibition

We reached the gate of the exhibition. It was four o’clock in the evening. We saw shops on both sides of the road. There were stalls of ready-made garments, shawls Kashmiri goods, sarees, etc from different states of India. There were hand-made goods and clothes at different shops. There were the means of recreation and entertainment. The other part of the exhibition was organised by the Govt. The charts, models, and photos showed the progress of the government in all areas.

We visited all the sections of the exhibition. We saw the models of dams, canals, and industrial development. After independence, we have made good progress on all sides. We also enjoyed watching the magic show, mini zoo, melting doll show, and other means of recreation. At last, we had some refreshments with cold drinks. We returned home at 9 p.m.


Such exhibitions are of great advantage to the general public. The people come to know how the products are made and how our country is on the path of progress.


development – विकास । chance = अवसर cheap सस्ती । organised आयोजित किया | readymade = तैयार । garments वस्त्र | goods सामान states राज्य means साधन | recreation = मनोरंजन | models नमूने progress= प्रगति | dams = बाँध canals = नहरें | industrial = औद्योगिक refreshment = नाश्ता

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