India is known for fairs and festivals. A fair is a gathering of people for some religious or social purpose. People come from four corners for buying and selling goods and for merry-making in the fair.

The Fair I Visited

This year we decided to visit a fair in a nearby village. It is held every year. There is a temple of Balaji. So it is called Balaji Fair. On the Kartik Poonam, I went to visit this fair with my friends. We reached there by jeep.

View of the Fair

There were a lot of men, women, and children. They all had come from nearby villages in multi-coloured dresses. There seemed to be surging a huge ocean of mankind. There were near about twenty thousand people. They were all moving towards the Balaji temple. We also went into the temple. I offered a coconut to Lord Balaji. The temple was beautifully decorated with coloured buntings and bulbs.

A lot of shopkeepers had come there from different parts of the nearby districts. There were cloth merchants, sweet sellers, fruit sellers, and toy sellers. There were a lot of hawkers and vendors. There were hotels and restaurants. There was a circus and an exhibition. The Jokers were dancing and attracting the public.

Description of the Fair

The Mela’ ground was sprinkled with water. At first, we took our refreshment in a fine sweet shop. Then we went around. The arrangement of the shops was nice. The shops of one kind were at one place in rows. In the cloth market, we saw attractive dresses. The women were buying bangles, nail polish, and powder.

The children were with them. They had toys and balloons and trumpets. There was a great crowd everywhere. After taking bath in the river, we went to Balaji temple for prayer.

Enjoyment and Recreation

There was a magic show. We bought tickets and saw many tricks of the magician. We saw a small zoo where many wild animals were in the cages. We also saw the strange mirrors show. Some mirrors showed us thin and fate while others were tall and short. We laughed to see ourselves.

We saw the death well and other shows. We also took a joy ride in the merry-go-round. We bought some toys and sweets. All-round there was an atmosphere of happiness and pleasure. The villagers started returning home. We too came back.


Fairs show our rich cultural heritage. We can see that many artists show their hand-made arts in these fairs. Thus we should go to the fair not only for pleasure but also to give push back to old Indian arts.


festivals = religious धार्मिक social सामाजिक purpose= उद्देश्य | four corners सभी दिशाओं से | goods = सामान | merry-making आनन्द मनाना | held आयोजित | sprinkled= छिड़काव किया । refreshment नाश्ता | arrangement व्यवस्था | rows कतारें | attractive = आकर्षक

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