Travelling by plane is a great experience. It is the fastest means of travelling. In the last assembly election my father became an M.L.A.

He is given pass for travelling by plane. In the last summer vacation he called us to reach Udaipur. We went to Udaipur by car.

Occasion, Day and Place

We spent a day in Udaipur. The next day we had to travel by plane from Udaipur to Jaipur. The day was sunny. I was very much excited.

My mother and my younger sister were with me. We reached the aerodrome of Dabok by car.

The Scene of the Aerodrome

I was much pleased to see the aerodrome. In a big ground there were two aeroplanes. One aeroplane just came to landing. I saw many passengers got down from it. Our plane was ready for flight. After some formalities

we were given seat numbers. Our luggage was put in. We entered the plane. I wondered to see the plane from inside. It was very big.

The Description of the Plane

The plane was standing on wheels. It had two big wings. There were cushioned seats inside. There were windows with glass.

There were holes at the floor to see through. The plane was air conditioned. We took our seats. There were seat belts too. One of the air hostesses welcomed us.


The plane took off at 8 a.m. The pilot started the engine. We were asked to tie our seat belts. The plane began to move on the runway. Soon it left the ground. It rose higher in the sky.

Feelings, Sight, and Experience

I was filled with delight as well as fear. I looked through the glass window, Small towns, river, forest, fields were passing below my feet. All these things looked very small. It was pleasant to fly in the sky. After some time we were served some snacks and cold drinks.

After an hour of journey, we were asked again to tie our seat belts. The plane was preparing for landing at the Sanganer Airport. Thus we reached Jaipur safely and comfortably.


A flight by an aeroplane is comfortable and time-saving but it is very costly. In all my happy journey by plane gave me delight and experience.


assembly election = विधानसभा चुनाव | vacation = छुट्टियाँ | sunny धूपयुक्तः 1 acrodrome हवाई अड्डा pleased सन्तुष्ट got down उतरे luggage सामान cushioned गद्देदार air conditioned वातानुकूलित | take off उड़ान भरना | landing उतरना rose उठा | safely = सुरक्षित रूप से comfortable आराम से ।

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