India is a country of villages. The village is the heart of our country. The progress of India depends on the progress of our villages. Therefore, the problem of rural uplift is the most important of our problems.

The regeneration of our rural life is a must.

Reforms in Agriculture

Agricultural reforms are necessary for the progress of our country. The methods of agriculture of our famers are very old and unscientific.

They do not use good manures and modern means of irrigation. As a result of it, land has lost its fertility. The per acre production is going down rapidly.

There is shortage of foodgrains in our country. We are importing foodgrains from foreign countries. This gives a terrible blow to our national dignity and prestige. The shortage of corn can be removed by introducing reform in agricultural methods.

Rural Industries

The whole of rural production cannot depend entirely on agriculture. In order to help the landless people the development of rural industries is absolutely necessary.

The tendency of our government is to encourage large scale industries in the country. There are many cottage industries like rope-making, shoe making, sugar-making, salt-making, weaving, spinning and handicrafts, which can grow in villages.

If these industries are improved and patronized by the government, they can give work to thousands of unemployed workers in villages.

Co-operative Societies

The Indian farmer is very poor. He can hardly introduce better methods of agriculture. He has no money to purchase good seeds to improve the quality of his crops.

In order to remove these difficulties it is necessary to improve the financial condition of the farmers. It is, therefore, necessary to give loans to the poor farmers at low rates of interest.

The Government should encourage the formation of co-operative societies and co-operative banks in the villages.

Medical Aid

Our villages are the abode of epidemics. Many people die unnatural deaths for want of proper medical aid. The rural population, therefore, needs medical aid and better conditions of sanitation. It is the duty of the government to set up a dispensary in every village.


The problem of rural uplift needs speedy solution. Sufficient

provisions were made for rural uplift in the five year plans. Production in farms and

factories has increased but not in proportion to the speedy growth of population.


Irrigation = सिंचाई | fertility = उपजाऊपन | blow= धक्का | patronised संरक्षण प्राप्त | abode of epidemics = घातक रोगों के निवास स्थान | sanitation = स्वच्छता | dispensary औषधालय । provisions प्रबन्ध

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