Write a letter to your father sending you extra money for buying woolen clothes and buying some reference books

95, Vaishali Nagar

August 05, 2021

Dear Father,

Although I received your letter two days ago yet I could not write to you earlier. I was busy in my monthly tests. My study is getting on very well. I got 85% marks in half yearly examinations.

As you know winter is severe in this area. I have only one woolen sweater. This month I shall need some extra money for buying woolen clothes. I am in need of some reference books for my study too. So please send me Rs. 500/- extra so that I can buy the woolen suit and books.

How is mumma there? Tell her not to worry about me. Convey my warmest regard to her. I shall come home on Holi festival surely. I am taking coaching of Physics and Maths. How is Anu doing at her study ? Send money by telegraphic money order soon.

Hoping to see you soon.

Your loving son,

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