Write a letter to your friend to congratulating him on winning the first prize in a debate competition

84, Vaishali Nagar, Main Road,
Ajmer. March 17, 2021

My dear Ankit, As soon as I read about your winning the first prize in a debate competition, I became full of joy. Accept my heartiest congratulations.

I know that you have been the best debater since your school time. Your speaking power your knowledge about the topic and your arguments with examples help you to win this prestigious prize. Everybody is praising you As being a son of an English teacher, your English is very good. I never thought you would be such a fine debitor in English.

My parents are exceedingly glad to receive this news. They are also telling you good wishes and congratulations.

How are uncle and aunt? What is your future plan for your choice of optional subject? Would you like to spend some days with me in the summer? Do write whenever you can.

Convey my warmest regard to uncle and aunt. Give my remembrance to all our ad friends and love to Kitty.

Hoping to get your letter soon.

Yours faithfully,

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