100+ Synonyms In English (Full List)

Synonyms in English
Synonyms in English

List of Synonyms in English

A synonym is a word or expression which means the same as another word or expression in the same language.

Abnormalunusual, unnatural
Achieveattain, obtain, get, reach, accomplish
Adequateenough, sufficient, ample
Adversityhardship, trouble, difficulty obstacle, problems
Acceleratedintensify, redouble, step up, stimulate, energize
Accumulationagglomeration, conglomeration, aggregation
Accuseslander, malign, denigrate, blacken, sully, change
Apatheticunenthusiastic, unambitious, unstirred,
Abhorloathe, abominate, detest, hate
Abandonsecession, withdrawal, desertion, defection

Blamecharge, accuse, damn
Brutalsavage, wild, barbarous, inhumane
Bravebold, valiant, courageous, dauntless
Bondchain, tie, band, yoke, nexus, link, liaisons
Behaviourdemeanour, conduct, deportment
Beautyelegance, grame charm, attractiveness
Beseechappeal, implore, crave, beg
Calmcool, silent, solemn
Conceitpride, vanity, arrogance
Cordialwarm, friendly
Confessadmit, accept, acknowledge
Contemplatethink deeply, consider, meditate, ponder
Copyreproduction, replica, facsimile tracing, transcription
Connectattach, annex, tag, clip, contact
Constitutecompose, form, make construct, organise, build
Caresslove, fondle, dandle, pat, kiss, hug
Cooperationreciprocity, sympathy, coexistence, league, amity
Celibacybachelorhood, chastity, Vinifurity
Clingstick, adhere, hug
Cheerlessdefected, gloomy, mournful, sad, despondent

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Synonyms in English

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